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Junior Product Marketing Manager


Publicat pe 9 Mai, 2016

Job description

It is a position that requires imagination but also craftsmanship. You will need to understand and be comfortable with very deep technical details before you can be convincing. Also if you are technical enough you will need to write appropriately for advertising in online where the attention span is measured in seconds.

We compensate your achievements and commitment with: competitive salary, training opportunities, friendly work environment, flexible hours, and extra-work activities.


  1. Develop the product positioning and overall product messaging along with product management team
  2. Be involved in creating and implementing the correct messaging that differentiates the Bigstep products on the profile market
  3. Develop and communicate the Bigstep value proposition along with senior stakeholders
  4. Support the sales team by developing demand generation programs, case studies, whitepapers
  5. Be involved in developing and implementing the Go-to-Market strategy of the respective products

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